Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rifqa's Parents are Here Illegally

Antecedent to this article is a post stating the very peculiar acts of the court of Franklin County, Ohio, regulating Rifqa Bary's contacts with the world. Just prior to her court date in Ohio on the 22nd of December, Rifqa was in the custody of the state of Florida, after having fled there to seek the help of Blake and Beverly Lorenz

In speaking with Jamal Jivanjee, I have been gaining a sense for what his fears are when I compare what Jamal has written with what we have discussed.. This evening, Jamal gave me details reminiscent of something I had read in his updates, only what he said to me was very pointed. I guess I lack the words to express my interpretation of Jamal's thoughts. I'll just say, it seemed to me he was holding back for fear of having to say what he is uncertain of. ....Click here to continue to editorial.

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