Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christians are Permitted to Judge - Excercise in word study.

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When Jesus tells us what we should or should not do, it is an open and shut case. It is of little wonder we get the sense one of our inalienable rights is being revoked, when we are told we shall not judge.

To judge or not to judge, knowing this is a God given right to use common sense is a problem most Christians are not able to reconcile. Especially when Jesus commands us to not judge. Further more, the Bible instructs us to use discernment, to estimate; the Bible implies we are to judge; we are told we will judge Angels. And, we are instructed to have nothing to do with people who are belligerently obstinate to the will of God. To determine when we will have nothing to do with certain folk, we must, at some point exercise an ability to judge.... continue on to the editorial to finish reading.


  1. Amen, Brother! I have been planning a post on judging, myself! Incredible how the Lord brings these topics to both our minds!

    A sinful world waves "DO NOT JUDGE!" in our faces, because they do not want to be told that what they're doing is wrong. A Christian who knows what the Bible really says will no fall into that trap. Well done!

  2. Thanks Greg.
    I offer my encouragement for you to discuss why people in general cite, 'do not judge, or you will also be judged', in your post you are planning on writing.
    Your insite as to yourself and me working on the same issues is noted. Don't know why. However, you seem to have a conviction to approach the subject from a different perspective.