Friday, December 25, 2009

The Real 12 Days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas is actually the counting of days from December 25 to January 6. Western churches acknowledge January 6 as the day for when the magi were introduced to the baby Jesus. This day, January 6 is also known as Epiphany. Obviously, because there is not a known date for the birth of Jesus, there are also different beliefs concerning when Epiphany should observed. The calendar in use also creates confusion as to when the magi found the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Or, as previously stated, we also know that day of when the magi paid homage to the 'new king', the baby Jesus as the day of Epiphany. ...Please continue reading on editorial page.


  1. they say nothing ventured nothing gained, who are they...i like to think i have a very spiitual blog, but if you are a new commer which you are, you woould have seen my santa who looks drugged and think you are coming away from a very worldly blog, but if you go deeper you will find christ in my blog, like with my c hristmas play from mathew, or my baptism blog with a manifistation of the holy ghost, or my miracle pageant in thanks for coming and about gi gi ....i find her spirit refreshing after her loss of her husband, and her concern for all of us christains, and i love christian blogs although yiou are all and me included peculiar

  2. Thanks Putz,
    I like being peculiar. Makes it easy to have fun when I feel a bit whimsical in my comments on other blogs.