Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How God plans for a wedding during a snow storm

Sentil and Devon Walker of Hopewell have a story book wedding of comedy, drama and God’s providence.

Snow was in the forecast on their wedding day. Generally, one would not consider having a wedding under inclement conditions. After all, that would be very inhospitable and we want our guest to have a good time.

Typically, February in Richmond does not involve snow. We Richmonders usually have the privilege of seeing budding trees and crocus plants about this time of year. So, you can imagine Sentil not wanting to change a thing, scale back the plans or even postpone the wedding.
Post pone a wedding?

The day came. Can you imagine the emotions? Devon and Sentil were nervous, they had concern for the safety of their wedding guest, traveling in snow. And, as anyone would be, the couple were a bit disappointed that they would be getting married in front of a sparse crowd.

Devon was noticing many of his guests were not arriving on time for the wedding at the Crown Plaza Hotel. As Devon made himself visible in the lobby, to greet guest, he noticed quite a few people were loitering in the hotel lobby. Devon ventured to talk to some and discovered they were the cast of The Broadway Show, ‘The Wedding Singer’. What the heck, invite them.....Continue to editorial.


  1. I would say that was some wedding !

  2. That's global warming for ya! I want to write a post just on THAT!

    I've got a new prayer blog, now!