Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods' apology totally misunderstood.

You may recall, Brit Hume offering Tiger Woods to leave Buddhism and find Jesus, on Fox network at the beginning of the year. Therein lies a core motive, which grants Tiger's apology sincerity.

Tiger's apology (CNN Video) is motivated by more than a few absolutes the media should understand and report empathetically, rather than exploit Woods for the sake of a story. Let's start with Richmond Times Dispatch, and work our way back to Brit Hume's statement......Continue to editorial page for the rest of the story.


  1. We can't know Tiger's motives, nor how "good" a Bhuddist he is. What I DO know is that his problem is sin, and Jesus is the only cure. No amount of meditation or apologizing or therapy will change the fact his soul is heading for eternal damnation, regardless the degree of his sins. Only Jesus can free him from his bonds and heal what's left of his marriage. I do feel sorry for all these public figures, whose sins are laid out in front of the world. If my past sins were ever exposed like that, I'd probably turn to dust, right on the spot. Praise the Lord, for His grace, healing, forgiveness, and power!

  2. Jim, I hope you are enjoying a break.