Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nazarenes concerned for Nazarene University pagan and mystic practices

A well known Nazarene college has taken on some unusual practices, for the holiness doctrine, denomination.

Richmond Evangelical Examiner (R.E.E.) attempts to follow up with reader concerns or interest. One reader, emailed a web link to a page on a web log site entitled, 'Reformed Nazarene (click here to read the article)'. The title of the article immediately draws concern or indifference.

R.E.E. followed up with Pastor Wynne Lankford of Southside Nazarene Church in Southside Richmond, Virginia for an opinion on the article and submitted an opinion from another Nazarene minister, Scott Marshall......Continue to editorial page


  1. Sounds like a battle of denominations. If you want to get right down to it, DENOMINATIONS themselves are not Biblical. Nazarenes, Wesleyans, Reformists, Catholics, Baptists, etc... all need to make Jesus Christ the Head of their "churches".

    I believe that denominations form because people make a secondary doctrine more important that the basics of the Gospel. Churches split all the time because of this. There is strength when like-minded people meet and organize, but there is also tremendous risk that the very thing that brought them together will tear them apart; only a pure worshipping of Jesus and reverence of the Bible as His Holy Word can join people forever.

    I think I'm rambling again.... :)

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